Oyston calls for end to negativity

Blackpool manager Jose Riga
Blackpool manager Jose Riga
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Karl Oyston has hit back at claims he’s not doing his job properly.

The Blackpool chairman has come under criticism from boss Jose Riga and supporters after the club slumped to their worst start in 116 year.

Riga has accused the chairman of not doing enough to improve the squad, publicly questioning his role at the club.

But writing exclusively in today’s Tangerine Tuesday (free in today’s Gazette) Oyston says that’s not the case.

“Despite the accusations we are absolutely doing our job at the club but we need to be put in a position to sign players,” he said.

“There’s a lot of negativity around the club at the moment, some I understand and some I simply won’t accept.

“I’m fully aware of the situation we are in and of course us making the worst start for more than 100 years alarms us.

“But the statistics are largely irrelevant, what’s more important is our current position which I would have expected to have picked up by now.

“We can no longer use the excuse of not having a pre -season as we’ve played the games now, the players should be up to scratch now.

“We have a full coaching staff in who are doing the fitness work and the squad should now start to play more cohesively than they are.”

Pool have lost all four league games so far this season and crashed out of the League Cup at the hands of League Two side Shrewsbury Town.

Supporters once again protested against the chairman during Saturday’s defeat at Wigan, claiming he should quit his role as chairman.

Oyston says he understands supporters’ frustration.

He said: “I don’t think the air of negativity around is helping.

“By that I don’t mean the fans as I understand their frustration, that’s only natural, I mean around the management and the manager.

“The manager is the one person who needs to be positive and I don’t understand the leader of any group or organisation being so negative.

“I’d sooner we are all positive and work as hard as we can to improve.

“After the start we’ve had it’s not the time for finger pointing or blame, it’s time for action and we know exactly what’s needed.

“We now need to source players who are proven and capable of playing in the Championship, and quickly.

“I find it alarming that some of the targets we are chasing have never played in this country or a particularly high level abroad.”