Oyston: Blackpool are the envy of the Football League

Karl Oyston
Karl Oyston
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Karl Oyston thinks Blackpool are the envy of the Football League.

The Seasiders turned in huge profits last season, have enjoyed an impressive start to the season and paid nothing in agents fees.

Speaking at a question and answer session hosted by Blackpool Supporters’ Association, Oyston claims there’s a growing number of admirers to the way he runs the club – especially when it comes to agents.

“I’m not blowing our own trumpet here, but they all wish they could be like us,” he said.

“They either don’t have the strength of character or control to be able to be like us.

“I’m sure no-one likes dishing three and a half million quid out to agents every year, they can’t like it surely?

“They can’t possibly enjoy that experience of sending money out of football never to return.”

Blackpool were the only club in the Championship not to pay fees to agents last season, while Crystal Palace, Cardiff City, Leeds and Nottingham Forest all spent more than a million pounds each.

And Oyston also questioned the motives of some.

He said: “Some agents do and will grab any opportunity to get their client a job, they are the better ones.

“The ones who are cavalier with their clients’ futures don’t care.

“They don’t care if the player gets a job and on what wages, all they care about is what they (the agent) get.

“That’s the thing we don’t understand, these agents get away with not representing their client’s best interest.

“They wouldn’t get away with it in any other form of professional life, they’d be struck off if they were solicitors or accountants.”

Blackpool currently lie fourth in the Championship table, despite manager Paul Ince currently serving a five-match stadium ban.

While Oyston wasn’t happy with the aftermath of the game at Bournemouth, he feels his manager has responded well to the ban.

“It’s not an attitude thing, it was a one-off set of circumstances,” said Pool’s chairman.

“The simple fact of the matter is he did the crime so there was no point appealing.

“He accepted the punishment and we all move on.

“There was no excuse for what happened, we draw a line under it and move on now.

“We’ve told Paul that the best way to repair the damage is to move forward.

“Over time he will repair the damage caused.”