Oyston: Banks should be run like BFC

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KARL Oyston reckons the £5m promotion bonus he has promised the players has been one reason for Blackpool’s success.

The cash will be paid pro-rata – the more games a player has appeared in, the more money he will receive.

The Seasiders chairman says he would love nothing more than to have to write out “some hefty cheques” to everyone in Tangerine next week.

And he reckons other industries could benefit from operating the same way.

Oyston said: “If bankers had been paid on the same basis – on results, rather than in other ways which defy logic in the way they have been calculated – the economy wouldn’t be in a mess and the whole country wouldn’t be feeling the pinch like it is. Incentive-led payments are absolutely understandable and sensible, particularly in this industry.

“I will be delighted if I have to start writing some hefty cheques after Saturday.

“But we have to keep our feet on the floor and keep these incentives in because I think they have played a part in helping us achieve things. I feel they not only give the manager the power and assistance to motivate and push us forward, but it also lessens the risk (to the club’s future) if we fail.”

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The chairman continues to have his critics and was recently condemned by many when the accounts from the Premier League season revealed an £11m payment to a business owned by his father, Owen.

Oyston believes the doubters won’t be silenced by the Seasiders reaching another Championship Play-off final.

He added: “Will what we have done stop the stick I get? Never. It is in spite of me, not because of me! We should all know that by now.”

Asked if he relished his pantomime villain role, the chairman replied: “I absolutely love it because if you’ve not got humour to accompany some of the quite malicious or inventive criticism you get then you shouldn’t really be in the job.

“Every chairman in the country is in the same boat. You get criticism and you’ve got to see it for what it is.

“Even if it is faceless and cowardly, I just find it fun because, to me, much of it is. I think the people responsible for that criticism have to accept the sort of response and attitude I will give them.”

When Pool won promotion to the Premier League two years ago, Oyston said the £40m promotion pay-day would ensure financial security for decades and “change the club forever”.

But asked what another £40m would do and the chairman wasn’t quite as forthcoming ... at least not yet.

“I’m not answering that,” he said. “I will not tempt fate by saying what we will do with money that isn’t ours and which we might not get. Ask me after Saturday.”