Oyston admits text message charges

Karl Oyston
Karl Oyston
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Karl Oyston has admitted five FA charges relating to abusive texts sent to a supporter - a date of June 9 set for a hearing at which he is likely to discover his punishment.

The Blackpool chairman, currently at the Football League’s annual summer conference in Portugal, could face a lengthy ban from the game when he appears before the FA panel.

Oyston this week was told his appeal against the charges, relating to messages sent to supporter Steve Smith, had been unsuccessful - a tribunal upholding the FA’s authority in the matter.

The Blackpool chairman was charged on March 23 for using language deemed offensive in texts to a supporter last December.

Oyston apologised publicly for the texts, in which he called supporter Steven Smith a ‘retard’ and told him to ‘enjoy your special needs day out’.

He was charged by the FA after a three-month investigation and granted extra time to respond.

Oyston has argued the texts were part of an exchange between private mobile phones, were made outside business hours and were sent in response to unsolicited contact.

Oyston also told the FA he had no reason to suspect Smith would make public any part of their exchange, adding he had not wished to bring any embarrassment on himself or the football club.

He went further, claiming publication of the content of the messages has breached his rights under article eight of the European Human Rights Convention, which relates to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

The Pool chairman appealed against the charges on April 20, an arbitration tribunal taking more than a month to reach a conclusion. before, on Saturday ruling the decision to bring charges against the Blackpool chairman was lawful.

A statement released by the FA said: “Blackpool FC chairman Karl Oyston has admitted five breaches of FA Rule E3.

“The charges arise from a text message exchange where Mr Oyston used abusive and/or insulting words towards a supporter of Blackpool FC, which were aggravated by a reference to disability.

“The hearing is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 9 June.”