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Supporters thin on the ground at Bloomfield Road
Supporters thin on the ground at Bloomfield Road
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Our panel of five fans assess the past week’s events at Bloomfield Road

Phil Corbett

Last weekend clearly demonstrated that the squad is weak and lacks experience, so it was beyond belief to see the transfer window close without additions.

How Owen can publish just how much he loves the club and how defeats hurt, yet allow the current situation to continue defies any comprehension.

No doubt we’ll now look to get additional bodies in through the loan market or out-of- contract players, but by definition they will either be youngsters looking for experience, the likes of which we already have in abundance, or injury risks who have been released. The way the club is being allowed to fall is a disgrace that should be addressed by the League, who are all too quick to clamp down on over-spenders.

This weekend we travel to Scunthorpe, the site of a famous victory as we went up the League. Now I fear the worst as we spiral downwards.

Dave Seddon

A year ago the gazette read like this, “Jose Riga was left hugely frustrated after the transfer window closed last night with no new players through the door at Bloomfield Road.”

At that point we had a threadbare squad that was already up against the odds to survive in the championship. Fast forward twelve months and history repeats itself.

At Blackpool deadline day is a non event. Despite desperately needing signings to bolster a young, weak and naive squad that is languishing at the bottom of league one, we failed to bring anyone in.

No doubt both the manager and the chairman will have their excuses about “not being able to get the deals over the line” or about the fax machine not working. In waiting to also hear the line about exploiting the loan market.

That is a particular favourite of mine that just simply shows the lack of ambition and the seriousness of our football fan owners promise to try and turn things around.

If they’ve had enough then just sell up and go but don’t make the heartbeat of the club, the fans, suffer as a result. I have no sympathy for Neil McDonald either.

He knew what he was getting himself into and the cracks are already showing in his post match interviews. If he has any sense he will walk away with some dignity and stop his reputation be one completely destroyed.

In a week where we desperately needed an ounce of positive news, none has been forthcoming and the media silence from the club on the matter is deafening.

We now face a very real threat of back to back relegations with only the supporters seeming to care. It even took volunteer fans to clean up the graffiti behind the Armfield statue such is the lack of pride displayed in all things Blackpool by the club.

As a fan I am embarrassed about our situation but with the club carrying on as if everything is rosy it seems as supporters we are on our own with our concerns but we won’t give up.

Vicky Sinclair

On Saturday, by the time the fourth goal went in barely a few hundred home fans were left in Bloomfield Road. As Walsall have had a strong start to the season, not many would have predicted a different result, but the sense of inevitability is perhaps the most depressing factor.

This Saturday we travel to Scunthorpe, and it would probably be a struggle to find a single fan who honestly believes we will do anything other than lose… again.

The squad is lacking in experience, and in number. We are losing steadily now, and that is before fatigue and injuries start to set in. Worse still is the damage that is being done to the squad of young players, who are having their confidence battered week in week out.

The only hope of new faces being brought in is once again in the loan market, or by signing free agents desperate enough to consider our club as an option.

This week McDonald claimed in an interview that it is “rubbish” to suggest he hasn’t been supported by the chairman. We then go on to sign no more players in the transfer window, after losing 4-0 at home to Walsall. The silence from the club since then is deafening, but what could be said to defend these actions?

Anthony Lord

As the double debacle of catastrophic home defeat and insanely inactive deadline day sank home, I was semi-immune from the pain, on an exchange visit to South Africa.

What amazed me was the passion for English football that the people of Cape Town have and their memories of ‘little old Blackpool’.

One colleague at the school I am visiting immediately mentioned ‘Charlie Adam’ despite the 4 years and thousands of miles that separate then and now.

I regaled my host teacher with tales of Premier League riches, a 1950s training ground, protests, a managerial merry-go-round, threadbare squads and winless streaks.

His response? ‘Jeez, and I thought the South African government was dodgy.’ So, we’re famous 6,000 miles from home but for all the wrong reasons.

Think I might stay here a little longer to spare the pain.

Dave White

Our lack of activity in the run up to the transfer deadline will have come as little surprise to most given the trouble we’ve had attracting players to the club. Blackpool FC has a proud history, both distant and recent, but it’d be a brave career move to join in with this current shambles.

I can’t think of a better description of last Saturday other than it was men against boys; one team full of confidence, playing well, looking sharp and winning games, worlds apart from their opponents.

The second half was an annihilation, a new low in this flatlining season.

There are people still taking the time to turn up and watch but their chances of being rewarded for that seem to be growing thinner, and the worrying thing is that there appears to be no shining light ahead, only more misery.

I will gladly echo the call of this paper earlier this week - the past is over and done with, we are deteriorating at an alarming rate, so what is the plan to make sure the club doesn’t continue in this manner because at the moment it faces no kind of future at all!

The immediate footballing challenge brings a trip to Scunthorpe tomorrow.

For many it will spark happy memories - playing them off the park in 2010 convinced many we were genuine promotion candidates - coupled with regret and anger at how it’s all fallen apart.

The manager has been hit by the realisation that we aren’t good enough, but can’t seem to do anything to remedy it, either with what he has or by adding to it.

What we wouldn’t give to somehow bring this away game jinx to an end.

Chris Womersley

Last Saturday felt like I was watching an FA cup tie between a Premier League side and a team from the non-league.

For 15 minutes we looked Ok and like we wanted to fight, but then Walsall’s quality showed and we were severely outclassed.

In every area of the pitch we just didn’t have the fight or the quality to compete with Walsall. I

think our manager thought at the start of the season that the young lads would thrive in this division and we would get off to a good start. How wrong could he have been?

We obviously needed to bring in some experience and quality in the transfer window. Yet again, another disappointment – players talking to the club and fees agreed but they wouldn’t sign.

I could easily go straight on the offensive at Karl Oyston and co, but who wants to come to a team bottom of League One, with the fans hating the chairman and protests every week?

These are dark times for our football club. The emergency loan window opens soon but I just don’t think it will help.

Our club is spiralling out of control and it needs someone to grab it and stop the rot. I just cant see anyone other than BST trying to do so.

Karl, you need to do something and do it quick.