OPINION: Blackpool FC fanbase must present a united front

Owen Oyston is not quite out of the Bloomfield Road door yet
Owen Oyston is not quite out of the Bloomfield Road door yet
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With the appointment of the receiver now formally ratified, it’s imperative the fanbase comes together and gives their full support to Paul Cooper.

It was evident the delay of a week or so for the court’s order to be sealed caused a bit of friction among supporters desperate to get back into Bloomfield Road.

While I understand that eagerness to get back to supporting their team, I’m sure fans can wait a little longer having boycotted for so long.

While the receiver will be keen to get supporters back as soon as possible to show the club off to potential buyers, it’s unlikely Cooper will be in full control of the finances prior to tomorrow’s game against Oxford United.

Of course it’s an individual’s choice, but it seems sensible to urge on the side of caution, be patient a little while longer and prepare to return for the next home game, the clash against Southend United on March 9.

This isn’t just a case of the receiver being in place, it’s also about getting the stadium right, making sure the ticket office is prepared and planning with the police and council. Doing all that now is virtually impossible.

There will be those that disagree and will return tomorrow, and that’s fine. The NAPM movement has always been one of people’s own discretion.

While fans are impatient, it’s unacceptable for their anger and frustration to spill over into abuse as it has done online in the last few days.

Now is the time for unity. This is a great opportunity to not only reclaim the football club but also heal the wounds that have become so evident in recent times.

It would be remiss of me not to issue a note of caution.

Owen Oyston is not quite out of the door, and even when the receiver is appointed, there’s nothing stopping him getting a loan to pay off the debt. Given he’s not done that for a year-and-a-half it seems unlikely, but it won’t be over until the club is sold.