OPINION: Blackpool fans need clear messages

Valeri Belokon's social media post set tongues wagging
Valeri Belokon's social media post set tongues wagging

Blackpool’s estranged former director Valeri Belokon set tongues wagging earlier this week when he posted a cryptic message on social media.

Writing on Instagram alongside a picture of him in a tangerine suit at Wembley, the Latvian posted the following message: “To stand side by side, does not always mean standing together”.

Some have taken that to mean Belokon no longer intends to “stand together” with Blackpool fans and will not be taking over the club.

Others, meanwhile, have suggested the message could refer to Karl Oyston as Belokon was stood next to the club’s former chairman in the original picture.

Either way, I don’t believe such vague, unclear comments are helpful. The fanbase are understandably desperate for positive developments and they will cling onto anything that gives them hope.

A clear statement of intent from Belokon has been long overdue. The recent impasse only fuels mindless speculation and it is the already long-suffering fans who are the ones to suffer as they continue to be left in the dark.

A cloud of secrecy is now hanging over both sides of the bitter battle. We’re used to that from Owen Oyston, other than the odd bizarre statement released on the club website every few months.

But now we’re also being kept in the dark by Latvia and, almost 10 months on from that seismic High Court ruling, we’re seemingly no closer to a resolution.

While Belokon’s stance, rightly or wrongly, remains unclear, fans are always going to over-analyse tiny snippets that are posted – as it was this week.

What we need is a firm message, i.e. we will be taking Oyston’s assets and shares to auction immediately. After that, any further statements wouldn’t be needed. Actions speak louder than words after all.