Ollie reveals ‘illegal’ Charlie approach

Charlie Adam
Charlie Adam
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TOTTENHAM’S attempt to sign Charlie Adam was set up by James Beattie’s agent after the pair happened to bump into each other on deadline day.

And Ian Holloway has revealed how he gave the agent a flea in his ear after realising what was going on.

“Charlie was hanging around the ground on deadline day and so was the agent representing James Beattie, because James was joining us,” explained Holloway.

“It turns out he went outside and told Charlie Spurs might want him.

“He got on the phone to Tottenham and tried to do the deal and tell him how much he’d be earning.

“This confused Charlie, who knew the Liverpool deal was off at this stage, and he came back in, saying ‘what’s going on?’ I didn’t know what he was on about.

“Then Charlie’s phone rang and it was this agent, so I grabbed the phone and said ‘who the hell are you, what’s it got to do with you, and why are you trying to get my player to Spurs? ‘Illegal approach to my player, get stuffed. You’re not his agent, you don’t work for him.

‘What on earth are you talking about?’ Then the phone went down.

“The whole thing is nonsense, it really is.

“It is like a load of sharks swimming around trying to bite pieces off my players.”

Holloway is also cheesed off at Adam’s actual agent, Kenny Moyes, who was quoted as saying Pool had mucked their captain about and treated him badly.

It’s ironic that tomorrow’s opponents Everton, are managed by Kenny’s brother – David.

“There won’t be any problems between myself and Dave because he knows the game, and so does his brother,” added Holloway.

“It’s true my chairman fell out with Kenny Moyes.

“And when I was called a liar in the press, I did not take kindly to that because I call a spade a spade. I say things face-to-face.

“Kenny Moyes can feel that way but I would rather him say it to me rather than the media.

“Agents get their money by getting their clients’ moves.

“If they did not get a player to move they would not get any money so they are only doing their jobs.

“I have no beef with Kenny Moyes.

“If he has got a beef with my chairman and my club then have a look at your own part, Ken, because you got it wrong, son.

“When I had Sylvan Ebanks-Blake at Plymouth, we had to sell him because his agent had insisted on a clause in his contract stating he could be sold for a certain figure.

“Charlie’s agent didn’t put one in Charlie’s contract, so who’s fault is that?”

Despite Holloway’s unhappiness at the involvement of agents, the Pool boss was at pains to praise Adam for his attitude throughout the transfer window – and said his performance against West Ham “showed why I have him as my captain”.