Ollie on talented young stars

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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IAN Holloway says he has never worked with such a talented group of young players as he currently has at Blackpool ... but that won’t stop him sending them out on loan.

The Blackpool manager is delight with the up-and-coming players who have come up through the ranks or joined the club since last season, but he admits it’s very difficult for him to pick them for his team.

And that’s why Holloway isn’t only looking to add more loan stars to his squad – he’s looking to find clubs to give his young prospects some first-team opportunities.

Holloway said: “I have never had young players as talented as this all my career. I’m very excited about what I can get them doing to express that. We have some fantastic young ones, like Louis Almond, who has all the attributes.

“I’m trying to loan some of them out, even some of the ones I’ve brought in this summer, because to put them (in the team) above what we have now is going to be difficult. And to actually buy better than them is too expensive, so therein lies the problem.

“But the last thing I want is people questioning the players I’ve just bought in. I think that’s despicable – give them a chance.

“Charlie Adam was a discarded piece of Rangers’ youth policy. The crowd moaned at him and in two years he is playing for Liverpool.”

As for loan recruitment, Holloway is wary of bringing in players on high wages. He explained: “If you have too many on too much money, I think you’ll have massive problems. They get sulky when they don’t play and you lose the spirit and the drive that has got you where you are.

“We will never be a club that buys success. It’s really important to keep the ethos of our club, with the emphasis on workrate, desire and putting a good shift in. This lot are exceptional at it and that’s our strength.”

Even so, Holloway wouldn’t have minded a larger slice of the Premier League’s cash cake going to his club and he has a radical proposal.

“The top four get the Champions League money and much more. Why not give the bottom club the most, like they do in American Football, so we can catch up and it will be a more competitive league?”