Nile Ranger claims he’s a changed man...again

Nile Ranger
Nile Ranger
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Nile Ranger has once again pleaded for another chance in football, claiming he’s let himself down.

The striker went AWOL from Bloomfield Road for almost ten months this year before finally turning up to train in September.

Pool boss Neil McDonald was having none of the troubled striker’s reappearances, insisting he had no future at the club.

After being told to train alone the 24-year-old again went missing just two days later, and hasn’t been seen on the Fylde coast since.

But now he’s saying he deserved yet another chance in football.

“I feel like I have let myself down,” he said.

“I have been to jail when I was young and I learnt from that and it sounds crazy but I have learnt from that.

“Senior players and manager were telling me to focus because it is a short career and it does not last forever and you need to understand this but in my head I thought ‘This is going to last forever’. But I now realise they were right. I was looking in the mirror saying ‘You are an idiot. Take it seriously. This is your life.’

“While I have been in London two of my friends have passed and that has been a real eye opener and when I saw that I thought ‘Wow this is real life, this is crazy’. I’ve had more chances than a cat but the penny has dropped now and I am ready to work.”

When Ranger joined the club last season he declared the move to Bloomfield Road as his ‘last, last chance’ in football.

But after making a total mess of his time at Blackpool, he’s now begging for another chance to prove himself.

When asked if he deserves one, he told Sky Sports: “Two million percent, 100 million percent.

“I’ve had too many chances but the penny had dropped now. I’m just ready to work.”

A chance is unlikely to come at Bloomfield Road, with Pool boss Neil McDonald recently declaring he has no future at the club.