Nice told to pay up for Grandin

Elliot Grandin
Elliot Grandin
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NICE have been told to put up or shut up as the uncertainty over Elliot Grandin’s future drags on.

Homesick Grandin, likely to start tomorrow’s clash with Crystal Palace, wants to return to France, where his son lives.

Nice want to sign the 24-year-old and have been given a price, but so far they’ve refused to stump up the cash.

Holloway doesn’t want to lose Grandin but says it is only right to allow the player home to go home … as long as Nice pay the going rate.

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Holloway explained: “I would do the deal. That boy needs to go back to France because for me football is not a matter of life and death, as the great Billy Shankly said.

“I’ve dealt with that. My wife almost died when I was 21. I’m glad she is still alive. This is just a game.

“I love it to bits but Elliot missing his little boy is more important than anything else. He needs that relationship in his life, so if I can sort that for him I will.

“But (Nice) will have to be respectful to him and to us. They should be able to do better and Elliot agrees with that, and for that I can’t thank him enough. He knows I am working with him to get what he wants.

“The club that want him know what we want. It isn’t outrageous. They know that and Elliot knows that.

“So they either come back and do it or they don’t, and if they don’t do it quickly my chairman will probably move the goalposts.

“So my advice to them is to stop trying to rob us because you are a big club yourselves.

“That boy is absolutely fantastic. If they aren’t coming up with the money, then they can’t have seen him play because he’s worth every penny and more.”