Legal action to be taken against 10 fans, Oyston confirms

Fans take to the pitch to protest in the game against Blackpool
Fans take to the pitch to protest in the game against Blackpool
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Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston has revealed 10 supporters are to be sent letters threatening them with legal action following the protest against the club's ownership.

At a Fans' Progress Group (FPG) meeting, Mr Oyston was asked to provide an update on proposed legal action being taken against supporters following the pitch invasion against Huddersfield in May 2015.

He said: “Ten supporters have now been identified from the match abandonment and subsequent FA disciplinary action and are about to be sent letters to inform them of legal action. They are the only ones to have action taken against them.

“I expect the letters will be sent out soon, while many more will be written to and told they’re still banned unless they sign an acceptable behaviour agreement. Still, none have come forward to sign the form yet, maybe in case they fear that they are one of the ten being sued. But this is not the case.

“Those who sign the acceptable behaviour agreement will have their ban lifted and will not be subjected to legal action and that will end the matter for them.”

The FPG replied: “We have tried on many occasions to persuade you not to seek financial damages against the ten you mention and deal with them in another way. Is there nothing else we can do or say to change this?”

Mr Oyston replied: “No. I know you’ve tried and my Dad and I did discuss it more after our last meeting as we said we would, but we’ve decided to continue. Albeit we are likely to deal with the ten on an individual basis rather than collectively.”

At the meeting, which was held on Monday, September 19, the FPG also asked the club if there were any plans in place to help create a positive atmosphere at Bloomfield Road.

Knowing some supporters may never come back while the club remains under its current ownership, the FPG suggested that the current age profile of supporters attendings matches is increasing and that targeting youngsters should be a priority.

Karl Oyston replied by saying the club provided free admission for Under-11s.