Kyle drafted in for Pool’s phone relay

Blackpool's Paul Ince (left) and Alex Rae
Blackpool's Paul Ince (left) and Alex Rae
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Blackpool will draft in youth team manager Richard Kyle in the absence of Paul Ince.

The Seasiders boss won’t be allowed to attend Saturday’s game against Wigan, although he will be in constant communication with his backroom staff on the touchline.

Ince is expected to watch the game on Sky Sports at home, while talking to Kyle, who will be sat in the stands via mobile phone.

Ince explained: “I’ll have a phone to speak to someone upstairs who will speak to Alex (Rae) and Thommo (Steve Thompson).

“I’ll be sat watching on TV with my phone by my side.

“Of course I’ll be frustrated. There will be things I want to say, then by the time I make the phone call things would have passed.

“I want to be there and sittingon my couch I’ll probably feel a little helpless to be honest.

“At the same time, I hope Al and Thommo make decisions if they see something.”

Three of the five games Ince will be banned for are at Bloomfield Road.

And the club are currently finding ways of having the action beamed to Ince’s house to allow him to manage from his living room.

“We are looking at ways for me to watch the games,” he said.

“We are looking at streamlining things over the internet, although tomorrow is OK as it’s on Sky.

“Either way the lads know what I expect. They know my standards and they know my expectations.”