Karl Oyston: Dave Whelan is no racist

Dave Whelan
Dave Whelan
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Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston writes about Wigan’s Dave Whelan, short term contracts and Lee Clark.

I know Dave’s no racist...

I’d like to start this week by defending Dave Whelan.

I think it’s horrendous how people can twist and not take into the context Dave Whelan’s comments.

I’ve known him on a personal level for the past 10 years and that man is not a racist or a bigot.

He says things as he sees them and is from a different generation but he’s certainly not a racist.

I think it’s the sickening sections of the gutter press – vultures who are waiting to swoop and have taken someone apart who clearly doesn’t deserve it.

He’s put his heart and soul into Wigan and taken it from the lower leagues to where it is now. All of this has come from the appointment of Malky Mackay at Wigan, well it’s up to Dave Whelan who he appoints as manager.

As chairman it’s his decision to appoint who he feels is the best person to take his club forward.

Malky Mackay is a good manager and will do a very good job for that club in my opinion.

Malky made a mistake in private exchanges between him and a friend, and there’s no doubt that was a mistake.

But he’s apologised and he can’t be hung out to dry forever.

I’m not sure what redemption some of the people criticising him want.

Short term gains

The short term contracts we have given recently aren’t part of a particular new strategy to give those sort of deals.

They are the product of talks between myself, the manager and the players involved.

Some of these players haven’t played much and are keen to prove their worth and fitness.

A short term arrangement in these cases are undoubtedly the best for all parties.

I think they can work both ways for the club and the 
players, if things don’t work out we can quickly part ways.

Likewise if they go well, we can look to extend the deals for the longer term.

Lee’s steady start

I’m impressed with the start Lee Clark has made in the short time he’s been here.

He’s already putting his stamp on things at the club and making the necessary changes which he feels can get us out of the trouble we are in.

I’ve supported him as much as I can so far and will continue to do so.