'Justice has been served': BST chair reacts to EFL's decision NOT to dock Blackpool FC 12 points

Christine Seddon, chair of Blackpool Supporters' Trust
Christine Seddon, chair of Blackpool Supporters' Trust
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The chair of Blackpool Supporters' Trust has described the EFL's decision NOT to impose a 12-point deduction on the club as "justice".

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The reprieve comes after the EFL’s board met yesterday to discuss the club’s case, following the appointment of a receiver by the High Court in February.

Under EFL rules, the appointment of a court receiver is deemed ‘an insolvency event’ in the same way administration is, and carries the threat of a 12-point deduction.

However, the decision was discretionary and the EFL have opted against imposing the punishment, which had threatened Pool’s League One status.

BST chair Christine Seddon said any other decision would have simply been unfair.

“It’s great to get some clarity which should allow us to move forward,” she said.

“I’m glad they’ve actually applied common sense here and acknowledged that technically this is not an insolvency event.

“Too many people have been saying Blackpool have gone into administration when that simply isn’t true.

“The receiver was appointed by the judge because things weren’t happening from the Oyston perspective and it was the Oystons who had been financially irresponsible, not the football club.

“To have taken the points off would have been completely unfair.

“But now justice has been served this will prove to be the last hurdle in terms of preparing the club for sale - at least we haven’t got that uncertainty anymore.”