Jak Alnwick: So lucky to be a Blackpool player now

Jak Alnwick says he considers himself “lucky” to have arrived at Blackpool at the start of an exciting new journey for the club.

Wednesday, 21st August 2019, 12:42 am
Jak Alnwick says Bloomfield Road has been bouncing

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The 26-year-old says he was well aware of the problems at the club before his arrival but believes those days are now over.

“I’ve heard about all the problems,” Alnwick said. “My brother Ben (who plays for Bolton Wanderers) came on trial here during the old ownership and I’ve spoken to the lads about it as well.

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“To come here under the new ownership I’m a bit lucky but it’s obviously brilliant. I’ve known for years it’s a brilliant club – it just needed that little push.

“They’ve got that now with the fans back. The place has been bouncing.

“It’s brilliant to have the club back and I’m glad to be a part of it.

“It’s a club that was in the Premier League when I was growing up and you could see it was a great club.

“But it soon became clear what was happening behind the scenes and it was a shame.

“Now the crowd is back and the atmosphere makes you feel you’re in a proper game.

When I walked on to the pitch for the first game, it felt no different to walking out at some of the bigger stadiums I’ve played at.

“It was bouncing the whole game and there’s a real good feeling around the place, from the staff in the hotel right up to the owners.

“The fans deserve respect for staying away for such a long time and then coming back in their numbers.

“Sometimes fans come back and it can be a bit dull but that hasn’t been the case here.

“The fans being so loud does push the team on. I know players often say that but it can give you that little edge in certain games.”

Part of the recent transformation at Bloomfield Road has seen the club benefit from increased investment in the pitch, something that had been largely ignored under the previous ownership.

“The grounds staff have done a great job with it and the same goes for the training pitch too.

“From what I heard last year the pitch was really poor but they’re getting there and people are working hard every day to improve things.

“That’s the same everywhere in the stadium. They’re trying to improve little things that will make a difference to the place.”