‘It’s sickening’: Accrington Stanley owner Andy Holt wades in on Blackpool chaos

Accrington chairman Andy Holt, right
Accrington chairman Andy Holt, right
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Accrington Stanley chairman Andy Holt has described the off-the-field situation at Blackpool as “sickening”.

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Holt, a popular figure for the manner in which he has helped bring success to Accrington, attended yesterday’s 1-1 draw at Bloomfield Road in the away end.

The chairman of the East Lancashire club is well-known on Twitter for engaging with fans of all clubs, and yesterday he was inundated with messages from Blackpool fans asking for his views on the current stand-off with Owen Oyston.

This morning, Holt tweeted: “I was asked many times yesterday about the situation at Blackpool.

“I had a great day, it’s so sad that one person can hold a community club to ransom. I pledge there won’t be any resistance or a ‘Holty out’ campaign needed. When my times up I’ll go in the stands and move on.

“For the record, I made my views clear regarding Blackpool during the EFL Portugal meeting, both to League One reps and board.

“Not interested in the facts. EFL must have powers to intervene, which it either hasn’t got, or won’t use.

“It’s sickening to see a great club alienate fans

“I know its conventional to say nowt: but it is high time clubs said we need resolution to these issues because they are damaging to EFL and football in general. To have a future we need a strong EFL.

“These never healing wounds block relationships between EFL and fans.”

Replying to another user, Holt added: “I don’t know the answer but if fans stop coming because of me, it’s time to go.

“The whole point is to increase our following and home attendances.”