Ince’s pledge to repay show of faith

Paul Ince
Paul Ince
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Paul Ince has issued a pledge to fans and Karl Oyston – I won’t let you down.

After a horrible spell of results the Blackpool boss has been boosted this week by the public backing of chairman Oyston and Blackpool’s supporters following the defeat at Bolton on Saturday.

The Seasiders face Middlesbrough tomorrow knowing a bad result would once again heap pressure on the manager.

But after giving the players an extended break this week, Ince was much more positive about the future.

“The chairman has been great, he’s really supported me, as a manager you need someone to support you,” said Ince.

“It’s great to hear the chairman say those things and at Bolton the fans really lifted everyone.

“Even to be disappointed by the result, we were all given such a boost by the fans.

“The way they supported us and gave us such a lift was great.

“It’s been hard, it’s been a terrible five weeks for us.

“But coming into training yesterday there was a real feeling of positivity about the lads, and that’s down to the fans.

“The ones who travelled to Bolton realised the situation we are in and lifted us.

“In return the lads but in a very good performance.

“I feel now like I want to make it happen for him and the fans here.

“I don’t like letting people down.

“I want to pay the chairman back, and I want to pay the fans back.”

Blackpool are on a shocking run of form which has seen them lose seven out of their last eight games.

And while many fans are still turning to social networks to call for a change of manager, Ince feels Pool have already started to turn the corner.

He said: “We need to keep fighting, support one and other and stick together.

“We’ve got positivity now knowing that if we perform we’ll have the fans behind us.

“We’ve been in a recession, and we are starting to get out of it now.

“I have a real feel we are getting ourselves out of it.

“It will come good for us.

“We’ve been through a slump, but we’ve been through a bad time.

“It would be easy to just cast away me as a manager and get someone in.

“Hopefully it will make people realise that I’m here for the long run.

“We are coming out of the dip and I hope we’ll see sides of that tomorrow.”

Having seen six loan players return to parents clubs last week, Blackpool are desperate for a boost in numbers.

Ince met with chairman Oyston yesterday to plough through a list of potential targets.

He explained: “We are desperate for a right-back, we looked at one or two who have gone elsewhere, that hasn’t helped.

“A right-back is our priority.

“Clubs aren’t willing to let go of their best players, so we are having to look a bit deeper.

“We just have to be careful that we aren’t bringing players in for the sake of it.

“The team needs improving, we asked too much of the same players.

“That’s why they had three days off, and rightly so.

“We were close to getting one, but he went to a League One club, which was disappointing.

“We need new faces, we need bodies with quality.

“On Thursday we had 14 players training, for this stage of the season it’s not right.

“So you can see where we are.

“So was an important time to sit down with the chairman and get players in.”