Ince fears ‘cattle market’

Paul Ince
Paul Ince
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Paul Ince is determined to avoid a summer “cattle market” of players at Bloomfield Road, though the Seasiders boss admits he is “playing catch-up” in his bid to assemble a squad for next season.

With as many as 10 players to recruit before the season begins in five and a half weeks, manager Ince has no option but to consider triallists and three have joined the squad on this week’s training camp in Portugal.

But Ince, who links up with his players today after attending the U20 World Cup in Turkey as part of a coaching course for his pro-licence, will tread carefully on the triallist trail.

He said: “I’ll look to bring in three or four triallists but I don’t want to make it like a cattle market where you are bringing triallists in all the time. If you do that you never get any consistency or fluency.

“It’s hard because you get calls from agents telling you to give their kid a trial because he’s a great player.

“But if they are that great, why are they coming on trial? Sometimes they can be embarrassing and it doesnt look good for the management when your players are training with triallists who are absolutely terrible.

“But sometimes one or two of them may surprise you. And with the situation we are in, we will have to bring one or two triallists in. Hopefully you’ll get golden egg, someone who is decent and who you can work on.”

Ince isn’t pinning his hopes on trialists, adding: “We are looking at decent loans and bringing some top players in.”

The Pool boss is closing in on a permanent deal for centre-half Gary MacKenzie following his successful loan from MK Dons last season.

However, Ince admits the current situation not ideal.

He said: “Most managers have most of their players from last season and are looking to add two or three. For me it’s eight, nine or 10, so it isn’t great as far as preparation is concerned.

“You can’t prepare as well as you would like because you are playing catch-up to get players in, and how long do you wait to bring the right players in.”