Ill wind leaves Ollie under the weather

Ian Holloway is likely to go with the same 11 that started against Reading.
Ian Holloway is likely to go with the same 11 that started against Reading.
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Pool’s wind-hit preparations for Southampton have included Ian Holloway using masking tape on the floor to show what he wants his players to do.

The Seasiders boss was forced to make alternative arrangements because the adverse weather made it impossible to train – the ball kept blowing away.

There were no such problems for league leaders Southampton, with the weather much calmer on the south coast.

For Holloway, though, improvisation has been the name of the game and he said: “It hasn’t been difficult to train ... it has been impossible!

“We are so exposed by the beach and I have never been sand-blasted like I was yesterday. Put it this way, my face was a lot smoother after training than before we started, though on the downside I couldn’t see because I’d got so much gravel in my eyes.

“The sand blows straight at you. I’m just glad I’m not a sailor having to earn my corn out on the sea because it would have been a bit choppy to say the least.

“It was hilarious watching our coach John Murphy trying to chase after the balls that blew away. Every time he kicked a ball, it would get halfway and then blow back past him. Click here to register with The Gazette website to enable you to comment on stories.

“But on a serious note, it really does make it difficult because Thursday is the most important day and we couldn’t do anything.

“I took the lads inside eventually and used some tape on the floor to show them what I wanted. Then we tried to quickly walk through it outside, but it was a bit pointless because they couldn’t hear a word I was saying. God knows what we are going to be like tomorrow!”

With Alex Baptiste still sidelined by a hamstring tear and Elliot Grandin not yet ready to come back in, Holloway is likely to go with the same starting 11 which took three hard-earned points off Reading.”