Holloway: Why there should be more women in football

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IAN Holloway has backed Sian Massey and sees no reason why women shouldn’t have high- profile jobs in football.

The Seasiders’ boss is a big believer in equality ... and he has personal experience of why females are often better than their male counterparts in football.

“I took a London Ladies team a few years ago, when I was a player at Bristol Rovers,” Holloway said.

“I was on a coaching course and I got nutmegged four times by their centre forward, and I was a full-time pro then.

“So whatever opinion I might have had disappeared. It didn’t matter that she had long hair and wore a skirt after the match, she was fantastic, so respect where it is due.”

Holloway was a guest in the Sky Sports studio for the TV clash between Blackburn and West Brom.

That was the last Sky match hosted by Richard Keys and Andy Gray, who were caught criticising and taking the mickey out of Massey at the previous day’s Wolves v Liverpool game.

Gray was subsequently sacked when other off-air comments emerged and Keys resigned.

Holloway added: “Obviously I have sympathy with people who have lost their job but I haven’t read all about it yet, so it is difficult for to me to comment fully.

“I think it goes a lot deeper than just one or two comments but I need to really study what was said. But for me the game belongs to everybody

“Some of the decisions I have made with the help of my wife have been a lot better than I would have made on my own.

“So in a roundabout way, I am saying well done to my wife because she is a damned sight more sensible than me most of the time.

“If women are that good everywhere else, why aren’t they going to be just as good on the side of a pitch?

“They will make clear, concise decisions, and maybe it will make everyone else behave a lot better.

“I don’t like swearing in front of my mum but I can easily swear in front of another man. It has cost me a fortune!”

Holloway added: “The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what colour or what sex you are, football is a wonderful game and everybody should be able to take part in it and enjoy it.

“For me the more the merrier, as long as they are good enough.

“Sian Massey’s first game in the Premier League was when she ran the line for our match at Sunderland at Christmas and she was excellent.

“I believe this game belongs to the whole world and I don’t care who makes the decision as long as it is the right one.”