Holloway: We’ve lost our spirit

Ian Holloway leaves the pitch after the game
Ian Holloway leaves the pitch after the game
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IAN Holloway’s derby day disappointment left him vowing to go back to basics in a bid to recapture the spirit of the last two seasons.

The Seasiders boss was frustrated by what he saw during Pool’s 3-1 defeat at Burnley, particularly his team’s lacklustre first-half showing.

He says his players can never disappoint him if they show determination and effort – as they did in a much-improved second period.

But it was their body language in the opening period and reaction after conceding that bothered him.

He feels his players have lost their positive outlook and it is something he is determined to put right.

Holloway said: “My team have always picked the ball out of their net, put it back on the centre spot and believed they are going to go and score – but that isn’t happening.

“I don’t lose my confidence when we concede. I still believe we are going to go up the other end and score, but at the moment the lads aren’t doing it.

“Every time anybody scores against us we get deflated and there is an, ‘Oh my God’ feeling. That wasn’t my team before and we need to get out of it.

“We need to go back to basics because we have Leeds away on Wednesday. If they score first with their crowd, what are we going to be like? A load of jellies or what? Are we tangerine jelly or are we going to come back fighting? That is what I have asked my boys.

“We need to sort that out, get a backs against the wall mentality and work hard. I have some winners in my dressing room, some people who have been used to winning.”