Holloway sick of national paper reports

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AN exasperated Ian Holloway admitted his week from hell has left him wondering why he’s bothering to work his socks off trying to get Blackpool promoted.

The boss is sick to the back teeth of stories in the national press about the club.

He is especially angry and bemused about claims – denied strongly by the Seasiders – that they had problems paying a hotel bill ahead of the Peterborough game.

During the match, which a lacklustre Pool lost 3-1 to slip out of the play-off places, the boss was further frustrated by chants from some supporters against the club’s owners.

The anti-Oyston songs rounded off a week to forget for the Seasiders manager – who, ironically, celebrates his 49th birthday today.

Holloway said: “It was the worst end to the one of the worst weeks we’ve had to endure.

“I know what my fans were singing and I think they should have aimed whatever (anger) they felt at myself and the players on the pitch, nobody else. They were shouting, ‘Give us our club back’. What do they mean by that?

“Myself and the team are the ones who were responsible for that performance – or lack of it – nobody else.

“I think all the nonsense that has been in certain newspapers is what led my fans to chant what they did, but all these stories being written are absolute nonsense.

“I think we are a success story. In fact, I know we are, so I don’t know what people are trying to do?

“For the life of me, I don’t understand what this is about. But that is the media and the way it is these days.

“If that has a detrimental effect on my team and is making my job even harder, when I’m trying to always be positive, then do I want to do it any more? What’s the bloomin’ point?

“I didn’t come to Blackpool and work my socks off for somebody to write an absolute load of nonsense and to have it affect all of my club.”

After a week which began with stories about an £11m payment from the club to a company owned by Owen Oyston and ended with a one-sided defeat at Peterborough, an article in the Daily Mirror about a problem checking in at the Marriott Hotel in Peterborough was the last thing the club needed.

For Holloway, ironically a Mirror columnist, it was the straw which broke the camel’s back.

He added: “I just can’t understand how we are in a hotel, and the following morning someone knows exactly what was supposed to have happened. We slept in that hotel, we ate in that hotel, we have paid the bill and gone... what is the problem?

“There are two newspapers (the Mirror and Mail) printing stories. Well that’s great. Good luck to them.

“But what on earth has the hotel got to do with anybody else? How on earth that can get in a newspaper is just totally and utterly beyond me

“I actually arrived after my team. I would have sorted all that out. It wasn’t a problem anyway. The hotel manager has apologised for his handling of it. “What are people trying to say? What are they trying to do? What agenda have they got?”

Holloway has given his squad today off but they will regroup at Squires Gate tomorrow, where the boss is likely to hold a team meeting prior to training in a bid to put an end to any unrest caused by the off-the-field issues. The manager, who is still targeting a play-off spot, knows the importance of bouncing back at Brighton on Saturday after successive defeats.

He added: “We are on a bad run now. We have won only one of the last five, so it is back to the drawing board and let’s get going.

“Brighton have got ahead of us in the table, but we have them next and we need to work hard, sort a few things out and get a result.”