Holloway’s cash plea to Pool chairman

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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IAN Holloway is trying to persuade chairman Karl Oyston to loosen his grip on the club’s purse-strings as he aims to make more signings before the close of the transfer window.

The manager isn’t bad-mouthing Oyston – he agrees Blackpool FC has to be run properly, and says he fully respects the chairman’s policy when it comes to cash.

But in an entertaining press conference ahead of tomorrow’s clash at fifth-placed Crystal Palace, Holloway said: “If managers are judged on getting their chairman to spend money, then I’m rubbish aren’t I?

“I defy anyone else in the whole world to get any more out of him than I’ve managed to, because we have a good relationship.

“The job I do for my club is to keep them in business, and at the moment no one has done better than me I believe... £98m extra on our budget should prove it.

“I’ve never really spent that much because I’ve never really had that much to spend.

“And now I’ve got it, I don’t really know what to do with it, because I can’t get it!

“My God he (the chairman) is some gymnast because he grips the bars so tight, with all that money in his grasp, and I’ve got massive trouble loosening that grip, so I am going to have to think of different tactics.

“We are in the middle of a massive recession, though, and he believes the world is in dire straits and he’s right. But we’re not.

“It would be nice to gamble a little bit.

“We’ve got four year’s parachute payments. How is he going to deal with that?

“Do you want to gamble and bring it back? Or do you just carry on the way you used to do it?

“But I don’t think Barry Ferguson or Kevin Phillips are the way we used to do it. I don’t think holding onto Charlie Adam last January to give us the best possible chance of staying up was how we used to do it.

“I thought the chairman showed fantastic ambition last season, and unfortunately we let him down by one point and one goal.”

Holloway has lost 15 players since the end of last season – including big three, Charlie Adam, David Vaughan and DJ Campbell – and has signed 11.

He wants to add at least two more before the deadline, but has so far had no joy.

Oyston is on holiday in France and due back Monday.