Holloway: Oyston and I share the same goal

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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IAN Holloway says he and Karl Oyston are united in their ambition to take Blackpool back into the Premier League.

The Seasiders boss spelled out his feelings at the end of a week in which chairman Oyston has come under fire from some supporters for not spending more heavily.

The manager wants everyone – from the media to the fans – to concentrate on the football and not fret about events off the pitch.

Holloway said: “Because we’ve got the money from the promotion, everybody in football looks at us in a different way now ... apart from one (Oyston), whose job it is to make sure the club is going to be here for many years. He has probably done that and I’ve helped him do it.

“I don’t sense a lack of urgency for us to do it again. I don’t sense a change in any way, shape or form. Everyone else has changed. They think, ‘We’ll have a bit of that money Blackpool have been given’.

“But at the end of the day I am working with a man to try to get this club where I would love it to be. We’ve got to look at whether we can have a run at it and get back up. That is top of my list and everyone else’s.”

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s sell-out home clash with Ipswich, Holloway went on: “There is only ever pressure on one of two people at every football club – the manager if the chairman has backed him with money, or the chairman if the fans think he hasn’t backed the manager with money.

“But I have never worried about those sorts of issues. I have come to Blackpool to try to play decent football.

“I don’t know who people were expecting us to sign on deadline day. We were in for some good players and we will be back in for those same players now the loan market has opened.

“Whether I borrow them or sign them I don’t really care. I am sure we will get some of them. What does how much we spend have to do with anybody?

“We’ve proved what we can do once. Now we have to try to do it again. Whether that is humanly possible I’m not sure.

“We did it on a budget of £4.8m, which was the lowest ever. We’ve now got a budget of £7.8m – three million quid more than when we got promoted before.

“The fact that nobody else has ever done it on less than £11m is irrelevant, as is the fact that other clubs in our division will have a much, much higher budget than ours.

“It is all about who you’ve got and what you do it, so it doesn’t matter how much you spend or whether the players you sign were playing in somebody’s else team or not.

“It is simply about the system we play and what players can do for us. That’s what matters, and at Crystal Palace last time out my lads were as good as they’ve been since I came here.”