Holloway on ‘rubbish’ league position

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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The Seasiders’ victory lifts the club to fifth in the championship – not that Ian Holloway is impressed.

He said: “We’re fifth are we? So what? That’s rubbish. That doesn’t matter. We have got to be the best in the pile and we are nowhere near that at the moment,” said the boss.

“The best in the pack are Southampton. They are more consistent and they are blazing a trail. They are fantastic.

“But they haven’t had any negativity have they? They got promoted and they haven’t lost their best players.

“I’m trying to convince my boys they can outdo the best Blackpool team for 40-odd years. Try taking that away from us.

“But what it is about is how you are going to achieve the next step in your life and in your career.

“At this club sometimes it is very difficult because I’ve got the players’ gripes, I’ve got the fans’ gripes and I’ve got the chairman’s gripes about the difference in the club and what is happening.

“I just got really tired and fed up, and I can’t be like that. I have to bounce back.

“I’m worn out. I need some energy and my boys gave me some energy with how we played on Saturday.