Holloway on Ince transfer talk

Blackpool's Tom Ince
Blackpool's Tom Ince
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SWANSEA have been sent a warning by Ian Holloway over their pursuit of Tom Ince, ‘you’re wasting your time!’

The Premier League club made an official bid for Ince last week after a number of eye-catching performances.

Pool turned the offer down, only for the national media to report a second bid this week.

But Holloway was quick to end all talk. “It’s a total waste of time,” he said.

“The TV channel which that rumour came from is a fantastic watch, but I’d suggest our fans just watch what we are doing. If I worked for them I’d make up stories, too.”

After the first bid, Holloway spoke to Ince’s father Paul, who informed him of his wishes for his son to stay at Bloomfield Road.

“The main man in Tom Ince’s life is not me, it’s his dad,” he revealed.

“And his dad and I have had a really good chat, I spoke to him last week.

“He’s happy for me to teach his boy and teach his boy what he thinks he needs to learn.

“So Swansea can go up to a zillion million pounds if they want, they won’t be getting him.”

Blackpool are still hoping to lure a player in the other direction, Stephen Dobbie. They have agreed a fee with Swansea City and offered the striker personal terms.

Although it seems negotiations have did hit a bit of a brick wall.

“Stephen is a Swansea player, so I don’t want to keep talking about him.

“We’ve offered him a deal and won’t be budging. So if he’s waiting on us coming back with a different offer, it’s not going to happen.”