Holloway meets top referee boss

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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IAN Holloway has met with a top refereeing boss and made it clear he hasn’t forgetten the incident which saw Pool concede a controversial goal.

It might be almost three weeks since the Seasiders trip to Coventry, but the boss is still fuming about being sent to the stand after being prevented from making a substitution at a corner.

It led to a goal and Holloway was so angry he was sent off by referee Andy Woolmer. He was then hit by an FA fine and touchline ban.

Holloway took the punishment on the chin but he believes he was hard done to and yesterday met refereeing National Group Manager Dave Allison to air his grievances.

“I had a fantastic meeting with Dave. I enjoyed it and it was really helpful. I showed him a few things and got some stuff off my chest,” said Holloway.

“I am not the obnoxious, pinch-faced, bombastic little person that I used to be. I am in control and on the night (at Coventry) I just kept asking the same question – ‘why weren’t we allowed to make a substitution when we wanted to?’.

“The only reason I got sent off was because I didn’t get an answer from the bloke who should have given me an answer.

“He gave me an answer 30 minutes after the game, but why couldn’t he say it there and then? Was it too much for him to do two substitutions at the same time?

“So I talked to Dave about it and I showed him some other incidents.

“I want to improve on what I’ve been before and if I’d have got sent off for being angry at Coventry, I’d have taken every punishment going. But I got sent off for asking some questions.

“Dave was really good. He spoke to me and he has also spoken to the man who was the fourth official that night.

“I am going to keep what was said private, but I am really appreciative to Dave for telling me what he did and for telling the fourth official what he thought.”

However, Holloway isn’t letting things lie. He wants referees to get more help from the powers-that-be.

And he is on a crusade to get the FA to introduce their own rules rather than having to go with what the likes of FIFA and UEFA decide.

“I don’t like the system. It needs to be improved and it easily can,” Holloway added.

“I want the people in charge to make the changes and not be scared of people in glass houses. I’d rather chuck a brick at them, they deserve it. They’ve cheated, lied and given tournaments to people who didn’t deserve it in my opinion, and yet they’re still in charge.

“Why do we listen to them?

“I want refs to be respected and the only way you can do that is by allowing them to make the correct decision every time, which is why we need technology. It will make the game better.

“Dave agree with me. All the referees agree with me. So I’m going to find out what’s stopping it.

“I am being deadly serious. This is useless and it is ruining our game.”

In which case, good luck to Andy D’Urso – the man in charge of today’s clash at West Ham.