Holloway leaps to Oyston’s defence

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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IAN Holloway has defended Karl Oyston from any flak, saying the chairman has every right to run the club as he pleases.

A week on from a transfer deadline day which didn’t go entirely to plan, Pool will have to rely on the loan market until January after failing to add as many new faces as they wanted.

The manager freely admits he would sometimes like his chairman to “have a go”, but he has no problems playing by Oyston’s rules and is happy to hunt for new faces in the loan market after missing out on most of his deadline-day targets.

Holloway said: “The chairman runs it how he sees fit and he has made decisions on where the money should be and where the wages should be.

“That does sometimes prove difficult but that’s the way it is. I accept that and have no problem with it.

“Some of the flak, from what I’ve read, is wide of the mark. Some fans seem to think the money we’ve earned belongs to the club. It doesn’t.

“The club belongs to its owners and its owners can do what they like with it, so if I was a supporter I would support my team.

“I believe we have a half-decent group here. Yes, we have lost some really good players, but I think I can add one or two and use the loan market like I did in the Championship before.

“Two years ago I loaned some players from other clubs in the same level and we did really well.

“If that’s the way the chairman wants to go again, then fair enough. We have done it once. Can we do it again? Who knows?

“I am trying to do the best I can and that is all I can do. I am trying to get a better squad.

“It isn’t easy but I am trying to keep it moving forward if I can.”