Holloway hits out at card happy referee

Tom Ince in action against Portsmouth
Tom Ince in action against Portsmouth
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POOL will be fined by the FA for having six players booked at Portsmouth.

But boss Ian Holloway and his team are fuming at what they consider to be a poor performance from referee Darren Deadman.

The official booked nine players, including Pool’s Stephen Crainey, Kevin Phillips, Gary Taylor-Fletcher, Tom Ince, Ian Evatt and Ludovic Sylvestre.

There is a mandatory four-figure fine for any side which has six booked.

And with no right of appeal on a caution, Pool will have to pay up ... which doesn’t impress Holloway.

“The referee got it totally wrong and I said to him at half time, ‘How can you make so many bookings in a game like this?’ I didn’t see a bad tackle in the game,” said the boss.

The yellow card which most infuriated the manager was when Tom Ince, impressive on his full debut, was booked for diving in the penalty area.

“How he can book Tom Ince for that incident in the area I don’t know,” said Holloway.

“That was a penalty. You only have to look at it on the video. Don’t tell me there wasn’t any contact.

“You have to be sure someone has dived to actually give him a yellow card.

“In my opinion, that was an awful decision which spoiled the young lad’s game really.

“The referee started it with Stephen Crainey, when Crains turned away as the cross was delivered and the ball hit him.

“The ref said it was Crainey’s second offence. Good gracious me.

“Honestly, some people like strolling around. It was far too officious.

“If that is how they are being asked to referee, they should seriously think about things and change it.

“I didn’t enjoy it. I’m not griping about it – I just think it almost ruined a good game.

“It was a half decent game. Their crowd were great. They’ve gone home enjoying it.

“We’ve lost the match but do we really need to referee like that? I don’t think so.”