Holloway furious after sub storm

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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AN angry Ian Holloway says he’ll accept an FA fine as long as the officials own up to their mistakes and don’t tell “porkies”.

The Seasiders boss was fuming after Coventry scored their first goal from a corner in last night’s 2-2 draw at the Ricoh Arena.

Pool weren’t allowed to bring on substitute Matty Phillips before the flag-kick was taken, despite being down to 10 men with Ian Evatt limping off injured.

To add injury to insult, Coventry were allowed to make a substitution at the same point.

Gary Deegan equalised from the corner, prompting an irate Holloway to shout at the fourth official and the linesman before going on to the pitch to make his feelings known to referee Andy Woolmer.

He was sent to the stand and will almost certainly face a fine and touchline ban.

Holloway says he doesn’t mind that as long as the officials own up to their error.

Pool earned a point thanks to Keith Southern’s last-minute equaliser but that couldn’t becalm Holloway.

His anger was directed at the fourth official, who the manager says was handed a card explaining Pool’s substitution.

Holloway feels the referee should have stopped the game until the substitution was made.

He said: “I’ll take responsibility for what I did, if they make him (the fourth official) take responsibility for what he should have done and not tell porkies.

“I went to see the referee 30 minutes after the game and I was told something that in my opinion isn’t true.

“What the fourth official has told me, through the referee, is not accurate. It isn’t right. I have to be able to prove that.

“He said we didn’t hand the card in and the substitution can’t be made without the card officially being handed in.

“But we had ages to hand in the card. He had the card. My kit man gave him the card with No.6 off and No.23 on.

“The fourth official has put it in his board and the referee has allowed the corner to be taken.

“I am sorry but that is exactly what happened and I know it did.

“So I am going, ‘Why didn’t you let us make a sub?’ I’m screaming and shouting, and I get sent to the stand.

“Who should have been sent to the stand? It wasn’t me.

“I did my job. I had my sub ready. Did they do their job? It doesn’t look like it.

“But there are no cameras on the dug-out area, so how am I going to prove that?”

Ref Woolmer wasn’t available for comment after the game.

Holloway says he wouldn’t have been so incensed had the fourth official admitted his mistake.

He added: “There should be a charge against him for not doing his job well enough, and for not taking responsibility and saying, ‘Actually, I did have the card and I am sorry, Mr Holloway’.

“Then I could have said, ‘OK, fair enough. Next time get it right’.

“They should be respectful. They should be saying, ‘Erm, yes, actually I got that wrong’ because the fourth official knows he did.”

Holloway handed full debuts to Spanish midfielder Angel Martinez and university graduate Craig Sutherland.