Holloway baffled by fixture list

Wolves v Pool'Ian Holloway
Wolves v Pool'Ian Holloway
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The Seasiders crammed seven fixtures into the first 25 days of 2011 but have only Chelsea and Blackburn to face in the whole of March.

“It is absolute madness, just crazy,” said Holloway. “My lads are already fighting an uphill battle.

“To try to win any game in this division they must have their pedal to the metal every time they step out on a pitch.

“But how hard was that for us during January? It was almost impossible for my lads and we struggled to deal with all those games.

“Now it’s the opposite extreme – we’ve got a game on Monday, then another in two weeks ... and that’s it.

“I don’t know what’s going on. It seems a bit odd to me to say the least, and I think we are suffering a bit more than most because of what we had to go through last season.

“Teams who go up through the play-offs don’t get such a long rest.

“It is brilliant when you win it and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but you have that extra month while everyone else is on holiday with their feet up.

“The euphoria carries you through for a while, but then reality kicks in and it starts to take its toll.

“The lads are shattered physically and mentally because this is such a tough level to play at. I think that was part of the reason we struggled so badly at Wolves.

“I actually had five players out who I would have picked in my main team at the start of the season – Gilks, Taylor-Fletcher, Campbell, Crainey and Adam. How good are we without them? I think any team would struggle a little without five of their 11.

“But this is where I have to be clever and make a few other players do a bit of a stint for me as well.

“That is really important and hopefully a few of them will start showing what they can do against Chelsea.”