GTF: Holloway deserves cut of cash

Blackpool's Gary Taylor-Fletcher
Blackpool's Gary Taylor-Fletcher
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GARY Taylor-Fletcher says there is nothing wrong with Ian Holloway taking a share of the profits when Charlie Adam moves on and the manager has spoken out about the arrangement.

Taylor-Fletcher says that’s how Blackpool FC works, with clauses in contracts and incentives, and revealed the players themselves are in line for another £5m bonus – the same as they received for going up last summer – if they survive in the Premier League this season.

Thursday's Sun

Thursday's Sun

The issue of Holloway receiving a percentage cut from Adam’s sale made back-page headlines in The Sun yesterday.

It was leaked to the paper by an unknown source.

Chairman Karl Oyston immediately dismissed the revelations, saying: “This is insubstantial and insignificant, and shouldn’t be focused upon.”

Holloway explained to The Gazette: “Karl saw my previous record and believed that if we had to sell someone he would reward me within that deal for my coaching. In my first contract, anybody I bought and sold for a profit I would get a certain percentage of the profit.

“That is a standard management contract. Lots of managers have this and it is not out in the open. All of a sudden someone, I believe, is trying to stir things up.

How can I crank up a price (for Adam)? He belongs to the club and my chairman makes all those decisions. At the end of the day, what a load of nonsense. It isn’t even a story in my opinion.”

The arrangement does not contravene any FA regulations but has raised questions in the national press about a conflict of interest.

Asked if there was any feeling of resentment towards the manager in the dressing room, Taylor-Fletcher replied: “Not a bit. It’s to do with him and the chairman.

“If the manager brings a player in and improves him enough for the club to make a big profit on that player, then fair play to him. “Why shouldn’t he get rewarded for that?

“It’s the way this club works. It’s all about bonuses and incentives for doing well. We all know the score

“We’re not one of those established Premier League clubs who pay big wages.

“In fact, ours are minuscule compared to what some clubs pay.

“There are players earning about a hundred times what some of us are getting, so the club makes it up to you in other ways.

“We’re on the same bonus for staying up this season as we were last year for getting promotion – the same terms, everything, based on the number of games and minutes you’ve played over the season.

“We don’t need any more motivation to stay up to be honest, but it’s a nice extra incentive.

“It’s a lot of money but not when you compare it to the amount the club will earn for staying in the Premier League. “If we’re getting that sort of bonus, why shouldn’t the manager get paid a bit more for finding and improving the players who are going to keep us up?

“It’s not like he’s doing anything wrong. He’s not breaking any rules. It’s an agreement he’s come to with the chairman, and it’s all written down in black and white.

“You get rewarded for results and being successful in every business, and this is the same thing. No-one here wants to see Charlie go, least of all the manager, so you can’t say he’s that bothered about the money.”

Adam’s future has been the subject of intense speculation for the last fortnight, with Liverpool, Aston Villa and Birmingham all having offers turned down. The top bid so far has been Liverpool’s £4m, which Holloway described as “disgraceful”.

Speaking to The Sun, Holloway insisted the fact that he is in line to receive a percentage of Adam’s sale fee is not the reason he is demanding a £10m-plus fee for his skipper.

“I do get rewarded with anybody I coach and make a profit on,” the Pool manager said. “My chairman looked at my record of producing players, helping players and selling them on, and he wanted that at Blackpool.

“That’s not what I’m doing it for. I’m on a far bigger bonus to keep us in the Premier League and Charlie Adam can help me do that.

“If you’re saying I’m doing this because I’m getting 20-30 per cent of the Adam money I’ll not be very happy – it’s miles away, absolute nonsense.”

Holloway is taking advantage of Pool’s free weekend by taking a short break with his wife. The whole squad has been given the weekend off.