Glenn Bowley: Riga oozes class

Glenn Bowley
Glenn Bowley
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Chairman of Blackpool’s Supporters’ Association gives his thoughts on the latest from Bloomfield Road.

The word ‘shambles’ has been used a lot to describe the situation at Blackpool over these past months but I’m not sure it’s been that good.

Throughout the dramas and difficulties, though, one man has remained dignified and committed to doing the best job he possibly can.

There is no doubt that Jose Riga oozes class, and while he remains at the helm there is hope that this season can turn out to be positive.

However, at the moment he is doing his job with his hands firmly tied behind is back.

When you appoint someone like Jose Riga, you have to buy into his philosophy and adopt the culture he wants to create and thinks is important.

You have to give him the tools to do the job or at least start developing those tools.

You can’t ask a builder to build without bricks and you can’t ask a football manager to coach without players.

If the board were not prepared to take on Jose’s ideas, then they should never have appointed him in the first place.

The squad is still wafer-thin and recruitment is vital, especially as we approach the end of the transfer window.

The chairman needs to allow the manager to inject some quality into the squad and develop it into one he thinks can compete at this level.

They also need to provide them with some facilities that befit a professional football club.

We have two big games this week, with Brentford tonight and Wigan at the weekend.

The performance against Blackburn was encouraging and the support for the players and manager was superb.

I think those in the ground on Saturday could see that we are a work in progress and that the manager and players still need time.

I guess patience is key and we must remain patient with the manager and players for these next few games.

Finally, our congratulations to the team at the Blackpool Supporters Trust for their efforts in raising funds for former Pool coach Gary Parkinson.

His story continues to touch many and their efforts show that Blackpool fans care.