Gilks: I fear for Blackpool

Matt Gilks training with his Burnley
Matt Gilks training with his Burnley
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Matt Gilks says he is worried about Blackpool’s future and blasted the lack of a legacy from their Premier League adventure.

The 32-year-old keeper moved to Burnley last week after six seasons at Bloomfield Road.

He’s left behind a club in turmoil, with only eight players and rumours rife that new boss Jose Riga is already set to quit after a month of transfer frustration.

Gilks was part of Ian Holloway’s famous 2010 promotion-winning side and says the club’s lack of progress since is hugely disappointing.

The Scotland international told The Gazette: “Unfortunately I don’t see how the club has moved forward.

“The stadium has been completed, but after what we achieved there should be some legacy for the football club. The manager and players who achieved what we did should be able to look back at a legacy. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

“It’s sad to see how things are now, especially after the success we had under Ian Holloway.

“I owe Blackpool a lot and I’m really worried about the club. The situation they are in isn’t great.”

And while Gilks insists he always got on well with chairman Karl Oyston, he feels the fans deserve much better.

“I’ve had my run-ins with Karl and I’ve defended him too,” he added. “I just think he needs to set out his stall now and tell people what’s going on at that club.

“The fans are rightly getting very anxious. They have a right to know what’s going on.

“The club needs structure and professionalism, which it’s never really had.

“We probably shot ourselves in the foot by being so successful but things need sorting, sooner rather than later.”

Gilks was offered a deal to stay at Bloomfield Road and held face-to-face talks with Oyston.

However, he wasn’t welcomed by Riga and says the offer he received made his decision easy.

Gilks explained: “The contract I was offered by Blackpool was disappointing.

“It showed me how much they valued me and made my decision to leave pretty easy.

“I felt I was due for a change after six years at the club. I think it was the right time to seek a new challenge.

“But my overall thoughts of Blackpool FC are very high. I played in two different divisions for the club and had some brilliant times. I’ll never forget it.

“We had a unique set of players and coaching staff (under Holloway), and everything just gelled.

“I don’t think that sort of thing will be repeated in my lifetime. It was a special time.”