Getting to know: Jose Riga

Junior reporter Tyler Latham with Blackpool manager Jose Riga
Junior reporter Tyler Latham with Blackpool manager Jose Riga
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Junior reporter Tyler Latham met Seasiders manager Jose Riga, to find out a little more about the man hoping to lead the resort’s football team to glory this season.

Jose Riga is Blackpool Football Club’s current manager. He was previously manager of Charlton Football Club and has been a football manager since 1991 and 
before that a footballer.

If you could choose one super power what would it be?

To have enough money to help people who need it or the capacity to be able to help all that need it.

What do you do to relax?

I have no time to relax but when I do I play tennis or play sports.

What did you want be when you were younger?

A football player or a sports physio, anything to do with sports.

What is your favourite holiday?

I don’t go on holiday often but the last holiday I went on I went to Egypt just to relax for a week and enjoy the weather.

Which three famous people would invite to a dinner party?

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola is the person I would want to talk to in my position, actor Morgan Freeman and obviously my wife.

If they were to make a film of your life, who would you ask to play you?

You might not know him but he was from my generation. It would be Robert Redford because he is a good man and a good actor.

I can recognise myself in him.

What is your favourite song?

I don’t have just one I like music in general.

I would like to sing in a few weeks happy because I’m happy with Blackpool.

What is your favourite TV show?

I don’t watch a lot of TV, most of the time when I watch TV I watch it to review games.

Could you tell us a secret you don’t mind telling?

It is more of an ambition, but I would love to win a major title in England.

If you were not a football manager what would you have done?

I am interested in people so a job where I can help people. I like the human body so maybe a phsyio.

What is your career highlight?

Playing in the European league and winning many titles.

I enjoyed keeping Charlton up last season. I have a lots of good memories in football.

Thanks for your time Jose Riga, I enjoyed meeting you.

Up the mighty Pool!