Former Blackpool advisor Tim Fielding reflects on a job well done at Bloomfield Road

Tim Fielding has relinquished his role with the Seasiders
Tim Fielding has relinquished his role with the Seasiders
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Tim Fielding has told The Gazette he considers his job “well done” after relinquishing his role as advisor to the Blackpool board.

The appointment of Ben Mansford as the club’s new chief executive saw Fielding and Ian Currie step aside.

The duo were initially brought in when Blackpool was placed into receivership and went on to play a leading role in getting the club back on its feet.

Fielding came in as a non-executive director in February before later becoming an advisor to the board to assist with Simon Sadler’s transition period as owner.

“The writing has been on the wall for a while really.” Fielding told The Gazette about his departure.

“I had a very central role under the interim board, but as the ship has steadied, people have been recruited into these roles.

“Brett Gerrity has come onto the board with Simon which was sort of the role I was doing originally, so the role I had became redundant really.

“I just felt when Ben Hatton stepped down, it was really time for me to step aside as well with the new people that were coming in.

“I had a chat with Simon and it was agreed, that when he was in a position to announce the new CEO, I would stand down at the same time.

“It’s all been done very amicably and we can all look back on a job well done.”

Fielding added: “I’m really, really glad I did it.

“I have a day job as well so I had to rely on a certain amount of flexibility in the early period to allow me to do it.

“Not many people have that flexibility to take on a task like this and deliver it.

“But I was keen to do it and the company I work for know how much hard work I had put in over the previous five and six years.

“It was always on the basis that it was short-term until we got everything over the line, so I knew I would take a step back when the new owner came in.

“Since Simon arrived, my role has diminished almost to the point where it became a titular role.

“Sometimes he would ring me up and ask for my advice on things, and that may well continue. I told him I’m always here should he need a second opinion.

“But I think it’s time for him, Brett, Ben and Linton (Brown) to get on with it, just as we did back in February to do what we did for that three or four-month period.”