Fans bid for Blackpool FC snubbed by Oystons

Blackpool Supporters Trust launched their takeover bid two weeks ago
Blackpool Supporters Trust launched their takeover bid two weeks ago
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Blackpool Supporters Trust said it was “disappointed but not surprised” that its offer to buy the club had been totally ignored by the Oyston family.

It is two weeks since the fans’ group delivered a bid worth £23m and the deadline for Blackpool FC to respond expired last night.

BST has confirmed to The Gazette that it has received no response from the club or acknowledgement of the offer.

Chairman Steve Rowland said: “This lack of response is disappointing but not in the least surprising.

“The current owners have made it their strategy never to deal with the supporters on equal or respectful terms.

“It appears that the only thing the company ever wanted from their customers is our money.”

The BST proposal was not exactly a buy-out as there was no new money involved. Instead, BST pledged that if the Oystons handed control of the club to the trust, they would be allowed to keep certain company assets as well as £4.7m from the club’s accounts.

BST also offered to write off club debts to Valeri Belokon and loans to other Oyston businesses.

BST admitted from the start that its proposal was highly unlikely to be accepted, though the lack of any response was a disappointment.

Rowland added: “BST’s leveraged bid was well thought out and professional. It gave the owners an opportunity to resolve the crisis at the heart of our club.

“It also afforded them an opportunity to begin a genuine negotiation with the trust.

“The deadline may have passed but our offer remains on the table while we assess our next move.”

BST remains resolute in its quest to see the Oyston family removed from the club and appealed for all fans to pull together.

Rowland said: “We are as determined as ever to make a positive difference on behalf of all supporters, but the fanbase must be united if we are to be successful.

“We expect our colleagues in the Tangerine Knights to continue with their excellent work and we hope that BSA (Blackpool Supporters Association) will also align with us to secure a positive future for the club.

“We remain committed to discussion with the Oystons about a change in ownership or a change in the power structure at the club, to bring about a situation in which the fans have a real say in how our club is governed and how our money is spent.”

BST invites all supporters to attend its general meeting a week tomorrow (July 30) in the No.1 Club on Bloomfield Road at 7.3opm.

No-one at Blackpool FC has made any comment on the BST bid.