'English fans let down': Blackpool fans install billboard outside EFL HQ

The billboard outside the EFL's headquarters in Preston
The billboard outside the EFL's headquarters in Preston
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A billboard which claims the EFL has let down fans of English clubs has today been installed outside the organisation's headquarters.

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The advert, paid for by Blackpool fans, includes the words 'English fans let down' prefixed to 'EFL' and is located on West Cliff, Preston, directly outside the entrance to the building.

The billboard also mentions Coventry City, Leyton Orient, Blackburn Rovers and Hull City - clubs that have all endured problems with owners in recent years.

There is also a link to Blackpool Supporters' Trust's petition, which urges the government to make changes to the way football is run.

BST, the club's largest supporters' group, has been lobbying the EFL in recent months to take action against rogue owners of football clubs.

Subsequently, they launched a petition in February demanding the government introduce an independent regulator for English football to ensure the "highest possible standards of governance".

To date, it has been signed by more than 12,400 people. To add your signature, click here.

BST chair Christine Seddon said: "Back in February, BST began an online national petition calling for the government to appoint an independent regulator for football.

"The situation at Blackpool FC is perhaps the most extreme example of what can happen when rogue owners are allowed to operate unchecked but we are by no means the only club being let down by a football governance system which simply does not work.

"We are delighted that a group of like-minded individuals have privately funded a poster to be displayed on a billboard opposite the EFL headquarters in Preston, which is promoting the petition and at the same time providing a visual reminder to the EFL that football fans are determined to bring change to the governance of our game.

"We have until August to reach 100,000 signatures which will then trigger a debate in Parliament.

"This petition is for ALL football clubs and we hope it will be well supported."

The petition is not the only action Blackpool supporters have taken. Back in March, around 150 fans descended on Preston to protest outside the EFL's headquarters.

The march, organised by supporters’ group Tangerine Knights, saw disgruntled Pool fans travel to Preston to voice their dissatisfaction at what they consider the EFL’s lack of action over the running of their football club.

The EFL also met with Blackpool fans last month to discuss some of their concerns.

When asked to comment, an EFL spokesman said: "The EFL is aware of the signage posted on the billboard and the views expressed within it."