Deary: Oystons can't win and should leave

Former Blackpool man John Deary
Former Blackpool man John Deary
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Former Blackpool favourite John Deary has called on the Oyston family to leave the club and labelled their position “untenable”.

The former midfielder, who turned 54 this week, played for the Seasiders throughout the 1980s, making over 300 appearances before moving on to Burnley and Rochdale.

And speaking to news.bwin, Deary had plenty to say about the club’s plight.

He said: “Things aren’t being managed correctly at the moment but I couldn’t give you an answer as to how they turn things around from the situation they’re in.

“ It’s a really sad state for a great football club and one I had the joy of playing for.

“I always say fans run a football club, and whether you’re a player, a director or a chairman, if the fans don’t want you there you should just go.

“I think the owners do love Blackpool but the fans will never forgive them and as a result their position is untenable.

“There comes a time when you have to just accept that you can’t win in this situation and move on.

“It’s week in, week out problems that just aren’t good for anyone, especially when you’re getting worldwide press.”

And Deary feels this can only have a negative effect on the players.

“The whole situation is detrimental to the players on the pitch,” he added.

“It’s nonsense that these situations don’t affect the players. A growing sense of frustration from the fans and press will play on their minds.

“There’s a terrible atmosphere at the ground now and you can’t help but notice it. The players certainly will. I don’t think they’ll be able to give 100 per cent until the situation is sorted.”

Deary also paid tribute to a more recent Blackpool hero in manager Ian Holloway, who led the club to the Premier League six years ago.

“You certainly do get times when the manager fits the club and Ian Holloway fitted Blackpool perfectly,” he said.

“Gary Bowyer is the man in charge at the moment and he has done a great job steadying the ship of late.

“I’m unsure whether Holloway would return if an opportunity ever arose, but certainly he’ll have many happy memories when he reflects on his time there.

“It is a difficult situation for any manager. However, I have no sympathy with them as they know the situation. They know how the club’s run.

“They have to focus on coaching and prove they can grind out results despite the situation.”