Clark: No lap of honour for Pool

Blackpool manager Lee Clark with assistant Alan Thompson
Blackpool manager Lee Clark with assistant Alan Thompson
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Lee Clark will ban his players from doing a ‘lap of honour’ after Saturday’s final game of the season against Huddersfield.

The squad traditionally thank supporters after the last home match with an end-of-game walkaround – something Clark insists would be inappropriate this weekend.

With Pool already relegated and requiring three points against the Terriers to avoid being branded the Championship’s worst ever side, Clark wants his players down the tunnel as soon as possible.

The manager said: “I want to offer the fans a big thank-you through The Gazette. I’ll get you guys to pass that on.

“I want to say a huge thank-you to the supporters for the support they’ve given the team but there’s nothing to celebrate. The only thing is to thank the supporters.

“There certainly won’t be any laps of honours this weekend. I won’t be allowing that.”

With supporter relations at an all-time low at Pool, it’s unlikely many fans would be keen to hang around to applaud the squad after a shocking season on and off the field.

While many vent their anger at the owners, some supporters have turned on Clark, making their feelings known at recent home games. But ahead of the visit of one of his former clubs on Saturday lunchtime, Clark has appealed to fans for more time to turn Pool’s fortunes around.

He said: “We are getting judged all the time. I’ve been a manager for seven years now and this past six months has been horrendous.

“But this spell doesn’t make me a bad manager. The problems were here to see before I came through the door.”

Clark’s record as Pool boss makes pretty bleak reading, with just three wins in six months and none in the last 17 games.

However, he insists he was always up against it. “This season was always about short-term targets and trying to plug gaps,” the manager said.

“I think that of the signings I’ve made, more have been successful than haven’t. Clearly some haven’t worked but there are ones which have.

“The job is much bigger than I first thought but I am ready for the challenge.

“I want to get things right here for myself and for the supporters. When you see how many travelled to Cardiff on Saturday...

“The season’s over; we haven’t won an away game; we are bottom of the league and relegated, yet the fans travel that distance, and are singing until the end and clapping the players. We’ve got to deliver for them.”