Canavan’s Corner: Many thrills and spills...

Jimmy Armfiled chats to Ian Holloway after the official unveiling of his statue.
Jimmy Armfiled chats to Ian Holloway after the official unveiling of his statue.
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APOLOGIES to the journalist from the Daily Telegraph, who may well have spent Saturday night in casualty at Blackpool Vic.

Sipping a cup of tea in the press room at Bloomfield Road prior to last week’s Stoke game, I noticed a lad I hadn’t spoke to in a while and walked over to him.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice a bag on the floor, went straight over it and flung my tea into the face of said Daily Telegraph man.

Amid a volley of expletives, he ran to the toilet to throw cold water on his burning features and emerged a few minutes later a little redder than when he’d gone in.

Suffice to say he wasn’t happy, and neither was I – it was a belting cup of tea.

Bang goes my chances of a job at a national.


I CAN’T emphasise enough how much credit Glenn Bowley and all others involved in the Jimmy Armfield Statue Fund deserve.

Since coming up with the idea in October 2009, Bowley and co have worked tirelessly to raise the £75,000 required to pay for the statue.

Last weekend the fruits of their hard labour were there for everyone to see – a brilliant statue of Jimmy, a fitting tribute to a great man.

Personal thanks to Jimmy for his comment upon seeing me, dressed my poshest ever, in tux and tangerine bow-tie.

“Blimey, you actually passable for once,” he said. “Could still do with a shave though.”


CHARLIE Adam came up with a nice response when asked who would be his nomination if he was voting for the player of the season.

“Charlie Adam” said Charlie Adam.

The lad was only joking – I think.

He went on to say: “I’d give it to David Vaughan. He has been terrific this year for us.

“We missed him those couple of games he was injured.

“For me has been the best player, and no doubt he will get a few awards at the end of the season.”