BST hopeful of takeover talks

Steve Rowland and Christine Seddon from Blackpool's Supporters Trust
Steve Rowland and Christine Seddon from Blackpool's Supporters Trust
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Blackpool Supporters Trust have now called on Owen Oyston to engage in constructive dialogue over their bid to buy the club.

The Seasiders owner released a lengthy letter on Monday night in response to BST’s £23m takeover package for Blackpool FC.

Oyston outlined 10 questions relating to BST’s bid and handed the trust a two-week deadline to answer, promising to come back to them “within days” of their reply.

Both parties have so far communicated publicly, though BST is now keen to continue its dialogue in private after a reply which took the trust by surprise .

BST chairman Steve Rowland said: “It was a surprise to receive the response, especially after we have made so many attempts to get in touch in the past. We didn’t expect a reply, to be honest.

“I don’t think it’s anything to get too excited about yet but we are pleased to get a response. We are at a primary stage of what could be a very long process.

“We will be replying privately to Owen, and if he’s serious about our bid we now think he should relocate conversation from the public domain to the boardroom.

“We went public in the first place as he didn’t respond to any of our private attempts to contact him.

“Now he’s responded publicly, that’s great, but moving forward it has to be constructive private dialogue with the club.

“Some of the things he has asked are clarifying questions; some of the things, we’d query why he’d want to know. But that’s something we hope to talk to Owen about behind closed doors.”

Oyston’s letter has met with a mixed response from supporters – some feel it ends BST’s chances of a takeover, while others have been given hope. Rowland is keeping an open mind.

He added: “He hasn’t said no but he hasn’t said yes either.

“I’d say the beginning of the letter was almost a PR spin for the Oyston running of the club.

“Right now people aren’t really happy with that, so what’s happened in the past doesn’t matter. It’s about what’s happened in the past two or three seasons.

“We would expect some of his questions to come up during our discussions further down the line and ought not to be a prerequisite for discussions taking place.”