BST column: We ask you to make choices

Young Pool fans at the game against Millwall on Tuesday night
Young Pool fans at the game against Millwall on Tuesday night
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This week saw the airing of the long-awaited Inside Out documentary from the BBC discussing the misfortunes of Blackpool FC.

Blackpool Supporters’ Trust spent considerable time working with the BBC to ensure the facts about our club could be broadcast to a wider audience.

The news that club president Valeri Belokon is keen to acquire the club is good news for Blackpool fans everywhere, but no-one can buy something which is not for sale.

This highlights the need for Blackpool fans to continue to show just why the time is right for the Oyston family to go.

For those Blackpool fans who “just want to support the team” and do not see the necessity for supporting any kind of action against the current owners, here is a quick quiz to help highlight the reasons BST believe inaction should not be an option.

Which do you prefer?

1) Watching a) the Blackpool team that played in the Premier League, or b) the one fighting to avoid relegation to the fourth tier?

2) Sitting in a Bloomfield Road that is a) rocking with 14,000 excited Seasiders, or b) nearly empty and completely devoid of atmosphere?

3) A club that a) the fans, the town and the Fylde can be proud of, or b) a club that struggles to attract good players and good press?

4) A chairman who a) spells out his ambition for the club and backs it with significant investment, or b) one who mouths platitudes about Blackpool being the envy of the league while the team lurches from crisis to humiliating crisis without strategic intent or funding?

5) Supporters who are a) united in wanting to achieve a better future for the club, or b) divided and ineffective?

If you answered A to one or more of the above questions, then you should seriously consider joining the 1,800 fans who have signed up to BST in the last year, if you are not already a member.

Why? Because “just wanting to support the team” without being critical of the current regime is exactly the attitude that has tacitly condoned ALL of the Bs being allowed to happen in our club.

Because “just wanting to support the team” is actually doing nothing to help build a different and better future for our club and may be hindering that progress.

We are at a tipping-point, and unless there is a significant shift of attitude and direction in the boardroom at Bloomfield Road, affairs both on and off the pitch are only going to deteriorate further.We have an opportunity as a united fanbase to get behind and support the growing movement for supporters to have more say in the running of their clubs.

Let us not squander that momentum in the way that the Premier League legacy was squandered.

You don’t have to be an active protester to join BST. You don’t have to boycott games if you choose not to.

What we hope is that you will be prepared to do a little bit more than “just wanting to support the team”, that you might consider wanting to support a change of direction and ownership, and a brighter future for the club, one in which supporters have a significant say, one in which the thousands who have deserted Bloomfield Road will be happy to return once they feel the club has been returned to the fans.

Our next public meeting will be held tomorrow in the No.1 Club at 1.15pm. We hope to see you there.

Alternatively, you can sign up to BST at or via one of the committee members who are available outside the ground at home and away games.

This is community in action. Help us to reclaim our club. We are Blackpool FC.