BST believes total takeover is the only option for Blackpool after latest Oyston statement

Bloomfield Road could be under new ownership in the next few days
Bloomfield Road could be under new ownership in the next few days
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Blackpool Supporters’ Trust remains confident that any investment or takeover at the football club would see Owen Oyston’s involvement come to an end.

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This follows Oyston’s latest statement on the club’s website claiming that agreement has been reached with an investment group and that a deal will be finalised within three to five days.

The short statement does not identify the group and does not reveal whether they will be taking control of the club or simply investing cash.

There is also no mention of Oyston’s future involvement with the club but the announcement does state that the agreement will provide an “immediate solution to the issues that currently surround the club”.

Despite the uncertainty, BST chair Christine Seddon says she can’t envisage any interested party wanting to work alongside Oyston as that would mean fans continuing their boycott of home games.

Seddon told The Gazette: “Whether this is just Owen putting a statement out to keep things alive, I don’t know. But what I am absolutely confident of is that this talk is about purchasing the club outright.

“No-one with any marbles whatsoever would want to invest with the Oystons still there – there’s just no chance.

“If someone is willing to invest alongside Owen, well, they’re mad and we’re in trouble.“If you had done your due diligence and you knew the situation...

“After all, it’s a matter of court record how he’s treated business partners in the past, never mind the fact most of your customers won’t turn up. Why would you? It’s ridiculous.

“Interested parties, and there have been a number of them, have contacted BST to see how the fans feel. Every single one has only been interested in buying the club outright.

“Whatever happens it’s still a very frustrating situation. We’re all having to sit patiently to wait for this long, drawn out affair to end. That is all we can do.

“If someone wants to buy the club and Valeri Belokon wants to step back, then hey ho. Ultimately, if that means the end of the Oystons, then most of us will be pleased.”

Some have suggested a takeover could not go through without the approval of Belokon due to the existing court orders.

But that is disputed by BST’s vice-honorary president Tim Fielding, who said: “My understanding is that at the moment Owen can sell his assets and Valeri can’t stand in his way.

“He’s just got a charge on it which means all the proceeds would go to him.

“It’s like selling a house on a mortgage. You can sell it but you have to repay your mortgage when you do.

“Because none of the individual assets are worth more than the £25m that is owed, all the proceeds would go to Belokon until the debt is down to nil.”