Boyce proving big influence at Pool...but don’t ask him about music

Blackpool's Emmerson Boyce
Blackpool's Emmerson Boyce
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Emmerson Boyce hopes he’s having a big influence on Blackpool’s dressing room, although maybe not their music taste.

At 36 the right-back is by far the oldest player in the Seasiders’ dressing room, a role he insists he’s thriving upon.

When Boyce began his career at Luton in 1998, Pool wingers Henry Cameron and Bright Osayi-Samuel were just one-year-old, something he finds funny.

“I have had to remind some of the young players just how long I’ve been playing, which I get a bit of stick for,” admitted Boyce.

“I like helping the young players and giving them advice.

“I’m at a different stage of my career to a lot of my team mates and I’m trying to pass on my experience.

“I started my career in League One and went onto play in the Premier League so hopefully I can help some of these young lads do that.

“I talk to the young players a lot, especially the really young lads. I hope I can be a role model in terms of my professionalism and can help them through.”

Boyce arrived at Blackpool last summer with more than 500 league appearances behind him –having played in the Premier League for both Wigan and Crystal Palace.

He hopes his experiences can help Pool’s younger players and inspire them like he was back in his young days.

He explained: “In my day I looked up to players in the dressing room.

“At Luton when I was there I had Simon Davies who played at Manchester United and he would talk about that.

“That sort of thing really used to make me want to get there myself.

“I played in the Premier League for quite a while and I know that’s where all players want to be.

“So hopefully me talking about it can help them dream of being there.

“As an older player I have to calm the team down when the going gets tough and taking responsibility. At the moment it’s working and I think that’s what the manager brought me in to do. As long as I’m running up and down that right then they can’t say much about my age. Especially when most of the time I’m out running them!”

With the average of Pool’s squad without Boyce around the 23 mark, the Aylesbury born defender admits he often finds himself feeling a little out of place.

Especially when it comes to the music taste.

“I don’t get involved in all the young lads’ music and things, and it’s funny listening to their banter,” he joked.

“The things the young lads talk about and do I was doing ten years ago!

“It’s good and it’s great and see them lads going through all the things I went through.”