Blackpool star could have been on tragic flight

Blackpool's Andrea Orlandi
Blackpool's Andrea Orlandi
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Andrea Orlandi could have been on the plane which crashed so horrifically in the French Alps last Tuesday, killing everyone on board.

The Pool midfielder was allowed to return home to Spain during the international break but missed his scheduled flight back to the UK from Barcelona.

Among the alternatives open to him was to return via Dusseldorf on the ill-fated Germanwings flight, but Orlandi chose a flight to London instead.

Speaking in his blog, the midfielder spoke about the tragedy.

He said: “Last week we found out about the airplane tragedy in the French Alps. I find it difficult to talk about this because these are things that touch you.

“I flew down to Barcelona on Sunday to sign the purchase of my apartment and I was planning to fly back on Monday morning.

“Due to a timetable misunderstanding I missed the flight back and I had to rush to buy a new ticket to fly that same night or the day after.

“The option to fly to Manchester via Dusseldorf came up on flight that crashed.

“Just thinking about it gives me a lump in my throat. Sometimes life is too cruel. We live in a sick world.”