Blackpool number one backs Boney for big future

Myles Boney
Myles Boney
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Young goalkeeper Myles Boney has been lauded a “safe pair of hands” by Blackpool’s number one Sam Slocombe.

The 18-year-old made his League debut for the Seasiders in Slocombe’s absence during the 1-1 draw against Cambridge three weeks ago.

A graduate of the club’s youth system, Boney has a bright future according to the man who currently occupies the goalkeeper’s jersey.

Slocombe said: “I’ve seen multiple 17 and 18-year-old goalkeepers over the years. He’s probably one of maybe two or three I’ve seen who have that size and stature.

“There were some who said they weren’t sure about his temperament but I think it is very good. He’s very relaxed but he has that kind of laidbackness which means things don’t fluster him.”

Boney spent a week training with England’s Under-17s last year and had a trial with Manchester City.

His first 90 minutes for the Tangerines came last month in the 2-1 EFL Trophy win against Cheltenham.

Boney appeared nervous in that game, according to Slocombe, but improved with an assured display against Cambridge.

Slocombe added: “Against Cambridge he looked a lot more relaxed to me.

“I thought he did well against Cheltenham but he just looked a bit excited about the game. There was some nervous energy and a few things were rushed.

“But then there was the injury to Dean (Lyness), and when Myles came on he looked really calm and composed.

“He’s worked really hard and he deserved that opportunity to showcase the things he’s been doing.

“He’s a good character to have on the training pitch because he will work hard.

“He will make mistakes but show me any goalkeeper that doesn’t. What matters is the way he reacts to that and to the criticism.”

Slocombe says he is now fully fit after his groin strain. He said: “I was a little disappointed when I got injured as it was only a grade one tear.

“With a groin injury, you can probably get through the rest of the game but you can’t take goal-kicks, so you’re putting your team under unnecessary pressure.

“It would have been silly to stay on the pitch when you’ve got someone like Dean on the bench, who is very capable.

“Unfortunately he got an injury which looked nasty at the time.

“Mine was just a muscle injury, which every player will get from time to time whether you’re a goalkeeper or an outfield player.”