Blackpool FC sale on schedule says director Ben Hatton

Ben Hatton announces Blackpool FC's new sponsorship deal with Blackpool Council
Ben Hatton announces Blackpool FC's new sponsorship deal with Blackpool Council
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Blackpool director Ben Hatton says the sale of the football club is on course to hit the timeframe first set out by the receiver in February.

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Paul Cooper, of Rubin and Partners, told The Gazette on first arriving at Bloomfield Road that the entire process would likely take three to four months.

However, supporters have recently expressed concern that no information has been forthcoming since the May 15 deadline for bids.

A statement issued on behalf of the joint receivers last Thursday said work is continuing behind the scenes to complete the sale of the club.

Hatton said: “There’s not much I can say specifically around the sale process.

“Paul Cooper gave a timeline back in February and it looks like he’s managing to stick to that timeline.

“He’s run a robust, solid process. There’s been plenty of interest and I know he’s looking to conclude this as quickly as he possibly can.

“I think everybody ought to understand the necessity for confidentiality and that’s why he’s doing what he’s doing.

“But he will make an announcement just as soon as he can.”

While Hatton wasn’t able to reveal any more information, he said supporters ought to feel encouraged.

“I definitely sense a positive feel,” he added. “That’s not just from the ownership perspective but also from the general state of the business.

“We had sold almost 4,300 season tickets as of the weekend, which is incredible really.

“We had 1,800 season tickets sold before we came into the club in February, so the support from the club and its fans is incredible. That’s really important because it creates its own excitement.

“Of course the ownership process will resolve itself and there will be an announcement in due course.

“And I can only believe that will be hugely positive for the fans, for the football club, the town and the community in general.”

The receivers were appointed by the High Court in February to oversee the sale of Blackpool FC in order to pay Owen Oyston’s outstanding debt to the club’s former director and investor Valeri Belokon.

Last week’s statement from Paul Cooper and David Rubin read: “The joint-receivers are acutely aware that the loyal fan-base of Blackpool FC are eager to be updated with regard to the outcome of the sale process.

“Supporters will also be aware of the need for confidentiality until the process is concluded.

“The joint receivers continue to work daily to conclude the sale process and wish to assure the supporters that as soon as they are in a position to update them they will do so without delay.

“The club continues to be run day to day by the excellent management in place pending the outcome of the sale.”