Blackpool FC opinion: The tiresome sound of silence

Valeri Belokon's representatives declined to comment on the anniversary
Valeri Belokon's representatives declined to comment on the anniversary
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The one-year anniversary of the High Court ruling between Owen Oyston and Valeri Belokon came and went without a single word being uttered from either side, which seemed to sum up the whole sorry saga.

To Belokon’s credit, his representatives did give me the courtesy of a reply as they politely declined to comment.

Apparently they are not permitted to make any statement while the legal process is ongoing.

Funny that, because it hasn’t stopped the Latvian commenting previously but obviously his lawyers have stepped in and advised it’s best to keep schtum.

I understand this is a legal battle between two businessmen and the supporters are nothing more than interested onlookers – and a running commentary for 12 months would probably get quite tiresome.

However, it would be naive to suggest the future of this historic football club is not on the line and the result of this court ruling doesn’t have any impact.

Remarkably, the only party involved in this long drawn-out farce to comment publicly on Tuesday was the EFL, who are usually so skilled at ignoring the goings-on at Blackpool FC and allowing Oyston free rein to carry on at will.

However, they delivered their usual platitudes, repeating their aim of instilling stability at the club to return the focus back to performances on the pitch, rather than on the activities off it.

A credible objective, but one that simply isn’t going to happen while Oyston remains in situ and a mammoth bill of £25m remains hanging over him.

Boycotting fans simply won’t return while a man who has been found to have “illegitimately stripped” the club of millions of pounds and previously sued fans is still permitted to run it.

That shouldn’t need spelling out.